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I was at school, in the gym, and there were all these chairs set up, and all these people were sitting in them. Ms. K***** was onstage talking about major production, and Ms. D**** was in the back with her son Gregory. He was running around, and she was sitting on the floor with her back to the stage, facing the windows, and I was directly behind her, ignoring Ms. K*****, and playing with Gregory. All of a sudden, these guys pulled up in these black convertables, and like, they were outside but I saw them coming?

Anyways, they started shooting at everyone in the gym, and they shot Ms. D**** and I covered Gregory with my body and hid behind her, and everyone sitting down wasn't really moving, and the guys kept shooting. Then, everyone who hadn't been shot got up and started to run around in like...circles, and I was running with Gregory to go upstairs, but all of a sudden these Nazis had busted their way into the lobby, so I ran back to the gym and into the dram room and I hid in the closet with Gregory, but they came in, and he started to fuss, so I covered his mouth and held him really tight, and then my mom came into the room (this part actually happened) and started to yell at me to get out of bed, so I did, and I never got to finish my dream...which I'm glad, in a way. It was scary. But I did want to see how it would end.

The end.
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