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I left my house, and walked up the corner, and instead of the house that's usually there, was this weird Jesus place with hearts and some crazy man inside. Kept walking around the block, and instead of the local dry cleaners, it was another Jesus place that was being used for a club and it was also going to be my room. The weird thing was, once I entered, the outside wasn't my neighborhood anymore, it was a mall.

Anyways, there was this weird guy that kind of looked like Morgan Spurlock but much shorter, and he was kind of annoying, so I was trying to ditch him and ran into my cousin Chris. She was there with a friend, but I couldn't see him, and she took both of us to grab seats all the way in the corner.

So we're in this club, and System of a Down is playing, except the lead singer looks like Colin Farrel (Farrell?) when he was in Alexander, and everyone in the band is taking turns singing, including the drummer, who isn't the drummer, but this kid Lou that I know.

Anyways, Christine and I are having a good time, but things get hazy, and next thing I know, the room is mostly empty except for my sophomore biology teacher's daughter, Caitlin, and I and a couple of other people passed out in the corners.

Caitlin begins to tell me about she's going to claim this room for her own, and I'm all like, wtf, no. I had first dibs. We argue for a bit, but I'm right, so she gives up, and we both leave. When I return, it's set up nicely like a bedroom, and there's this suitcase there with a note from Chris all about how her friend REALLY likes me and wants to get to know me better, so they went out and bought me all of these random gifts and put them in the suitcase for me.

They even included this little container of candy, and I'm in the middle of eating brown licorice, when I realize that I don't know this person, and if he's crazy enough to get me all this stuff, he's probably trying to poison me. So I spit out what I'm eating, and I freak out and leave the room, and when I do, the outside if back to my neighborhood, and I try to make it home, but the entire time I'm freaking out because I know that if Mad-Eye Moody ever finds out I ate this candy, he'll kill me.

And then I woke up.
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