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Multiple weird dreams.

Ew, ew, cockroaches.
I had this odd dream that some friends were staying over (Eileen, Trenton, possibly Briana, I cannot really remember), but we were just hanging out and then it became apparent that my house was infested with cockroaches.

::shudder:: It was truly disgusting but the worst part was towards the end of the dream, when I was in my room with Trenton and someone else, and I have a bunkbed, so my cat was like...sitting on one of the ladder steps up to my bed, and all of a sudden coughed out a cockroach that was mostly alive and on it's back and wiggling it's legs, and before I could stop her, she had it in her mouth again and was eating it.

Nose piercing.
I had this odd dream that I was wandering the streets of Brooklyn (but I don't believe these streets actually exist), and it was late at night and I don't know exactly what happened, but I did something with attracted attention to me, so this guy was going to come and rape me, which was really rather scary, but then I ran two blocks and there were people, so he decided to leave me alone.

Anyways, I met up with my mom who agreed to let me pierce my nose, but we had to go to this place that was right next to where we were, which was really kind of sketchy looking, but she was insisting that if I wanted to get it done, I had to get it done here and now.

So my nose was pierced, and it was kind of red, and I ran into this girl that had graduated a year or two before me and she was like, is that new (referring to my newly-pierced nose)? And I was like, no. And she was like, if it's old then it shouldn't be that red.

For some reason, this made me start playing with it a lot, and then I took the jewelry out, and had to bend it somehow to get it back in, which resulted in the piercing actually getting infected.

And the entire time, I kept thinking that I should LITFA, but I just couldn't stop touching it.

So my nose turned red and swelled up and started to like...pulsate. 'twas rather gross, and then I woke up.
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