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Another one?

I was babysitting the Kiddies I usually babysit, except I was only paying attention to the boy. I knew his sister was doing something in the other room, but the whole time I was babysitting, I didn't go in and check on her or anything. Anyways, outside of the boys room was this table and chair, and on the table was this giant needle, and there were all these pieces of paper impaled on it--myspace comments? Anyways, the mom came home and was like, how was it? And I was like, it was fine, and left, but I felt really guilty, because I hadn't checked to make sure her daughter was okay the whole time I was there.

Anyways, I was walking along seventh, and ended up following my grandpa, until he got into an F station in front of 321. I continued walking, and walked up 4th, and then...I was somewhere, walking up the block. And for some reason, I was barefoot and in a grey tank top and pink undies that had snowmen and said "Friday" all on 'em. So I'm walking, and it's warm and sunny and all the trees are green and whatnot, and I'm chewing on three little wads of paper, and then two of them started to taste gross, so I spit them out, and behind me I hear "was she always this disgusting, or has she become this way in recent years?" And I turn around, and I see Mouse/Ralph and Diana M****** behind me, and I'm like...whoa, weird.

I just like, smiled, and kind of slowed down walking, but we didn't really talk or anything, and then I saw a hand come near me, and it was Diana's so I gave her the other piece of paper I was chewing on, and then she and Ralph/Mouse passed me by and continued walking up the block.

And then I woke up.
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