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I had this weird dream that Jenna and I were in a train station and like, decided to go out, so she gave me a hug and then we got on the train and held hands, and we got off a couple of stops later and walked to this store, and Cody was in front of the store, and we were like, hey Cody! We're going out! But when we finished saying this he had turned into his web comic self. He stared at us for a second, and we were like, say something! And he just stared at us, and then Jenna was like, hey, he's not real, he's a comic! And I was like, oh, and so we walked down the block holding hands, leaving web comic Cody to be beaten up by this group of gangsterrrs that had suddenly appeared. Then I woke up.

It was weird.

The end.
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