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Weird Thanksgiving Nap.

So after eating Thanksgiving dinner, I took a maaad long nap on my aunt's couch. It was really weird, too.

I was somewhere with my mom, and we were sitting in the car next to this brightly lit, very clean building. It was at night, and everything around the building was really gross and dirty, and there were puddles of...stuff all over the place.

Anyways, I had to drop something off to a friend, and my mom was like...okay, and got out of the car, and was like, let's go! However, I didn't move. I had my backpack with me, and I was digging through it, and I found this envelope full of stuff that I had apparently been saving to give to psychoticorca one day. It had like...stickers and letters and a birthday card.


Anyways, my mom was like, I'm going to go to your friends house, and started walking away, and I got out of the car, and snuck into the building. I was standing in the vestibule, trying to figure out how to shove this huge envelope into Maegen S.'s mailbox. Weird, because her name isn't Maegen, it's Megan.

Anyways...I was just crouching on the floor, shoving this envelope into the wall, when all of a sudden she came walking into the vestibule, and was like, Megan! It's you! And I was like...I have this for you! And she took the crushed up envelope and was like, thanks, this is really sweet, you want to come in?

But then this Filipino women came walking behind her, and she was like, omg, you have to go! Get out of here!

So I left, and got back into my car, and my mom came back and was are you going to give that thing to your friend, or what? I didn't answer her, so she was like, fine, we're going. And then I woke up and had dessert.

The end.
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