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I had the most amazing dream last night. It starts out a little cheesy and corny, but somehow manages to end up profound. (If I don't say so myself).

I had to infiltrate a building and find . . . something, I don't really remember what, or who sent me, or why. I had to swim up the building along some kind of man made lake. Actually more like a really long, tiled, lit pool. Eventually the "pool" opened up into a huge fountain area in front of the house. Then, somehow the dream changed, and I was using a machine to help me swim, which propelled me forward at something like 80 miles an hour. I went over one of the fountain jets, and the force of it propelled me up into the air, onto the roof of the house. The roof was trapped, and depending where I stepped, I could tell something was about to happen. Luckily my reflexes were miraculously fast enough to avoid all the danger.

I broke into the house, and began to explore it, floor by floor. On each floor I met different people, all who were also trying to find that same thing I was (whatever it was), and all of them helped me in some way. Eventually, I reached some type of chute, which I slid down, and ended up in the basement. There, I met up with the owner of the house, and his brutes, who had already managed to capture all the other people I had met throughout the house.

The owner pointed to a timer, which was set for 30 minutes, and said that if I wasn't able to locate the thing I was looking for in that amount of time, I, and all the people I met in the house would be killed.

I wen't back to exploring the house floor by floor. Somehow, after exploring each floor, I would return to the basement, where I would tell the people I'd met what I'd found on each floor, and they would analyze it, to help me find whatever it was that we were looking for. I would then be somehow propelled up to the next floor I had to explore by some type of spring system covered in magazines, which I would stand on.

I returned to the basement once more, and the timer was down to five minutes. After going through the same process of telling everybody what I had found, and preparing to be propelled back up to the next floor, the spring system somehow broke. I went to the owner of the house and told him that he couldn't kill us now, it wasn't fair, the system broke, there's no way we could find "it" (whatever "it" is). He said he didn't care, that it wasn't his problem, he never said that he would make an exception if the system broke down.

Everything was all over. We had nothing to do but wait the five minutes until it was our time to die. In what seemed like an effort to treat us humanely in those last five minutes, the guards started a kind of party, and broke out coronas. I said to one of them, "We're going to die in five minutes, can we at least get a couple beers". So they gave us all coronas.
A woman beckoned for me to come outside with her, and I did, taking the lead. I went outside, and leaned up against my fence with my back to it.

She approached me. She had her head shaved almost military style. Her hair couldn't have been more than a centimeter long. She was truly beautiful. I knew I loved her the moment I saw her. She said to me, "Zach I love you." Then she kissed me. Then she said "I love the world, I love all the people we've met, but most of all I love you". And then I was no longer afraid. We were going to die, but at least we were in love. We weren't going to die alone. We were going to die in love, together, and amongst friends. What more could you ask for?

Time was up. A guard came out and told us. We went back inside, hand in hand, and they had us, and the people we'd met, all go into a little room, along with a female guard. I stopped her and said "Wait! I have to go to the bathroom. I'm going to die, can't I at least die comfortably?" Since we were completely surrounded by guards and had no chance for escape, she agreed. So I went to the bathroom, and used one of the urinals. A guard, who was in a stall, started talking to me. I guess it was an effort to treat me like a real person before I died. It seemed kind of silly though. He asked me how school was doing, and how I was doing in physics, and I answered that I was doing well, which was ridiculous because I don't even take physics. Then he said something else that I don't remember.

I left the bathroom and went back to the little room with the female guard and the woman and all the people I'd met. I said I was ready. A male guard walked in carrying a tray with glasses of water and another tray covered in three musketeers bars. We opened the bars and ate them. I hesitated, assuming they were poisoned, but as I was surrounded by guards I had no choice and soon gave in. The female guard then told us that the candy bars were "fertilized" with poison. I'm not sure why she used that word since it makes no sense, but that's the word she used. One by one we all started to die off, and then everything went black.

That was my dream. Believe it or not it actually taught me something about myself. In the past I'd always thought I was afraid of dying, but it isn't true. I don't care about dying. I'm only afraid of dying alone. In my last moments, even though I knew I was going to die, I was happier than I'd ever been, because I'd found true love. Death didn't matter, I wasn't alone.

I don't care what happens, as long as I find somebody to love and who will love me back.
( Short hair preferred :-P )
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