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Weird (old) dream.

So I was going to go on a cruise with my neighbor's daughter, who in the dream was my cousin. I had to meet her at Grand Central Station, and I did, but you know how in your dreams you can be in Joe's house, which is a bungalow on the beach, but in your dream it's a mansion in Chicago? But it's still Joe's house? It was kinda like that. Grand Central was all big and glitzy, with glass elevators and lots of bright lights. It was überclean, as well.

So I meet my neighbor's fifty-something year old daughter, who in my dream is my cousin, and we get ourselves on to the cruise ship. Oh, and when we entered GCS, it was the evening, and things were getting dark. When we got onto the cruise ship, it was morning.

So we're on the cruise ship, which is more like a rinky-dink freighter ship. Very industrial, and dirty. We entered the ship directly from the building, underground, and it was soon as we got on, the door just swung up. So it's getting ready to leave, and right where we entered is our room, and there's a bed there, and next door is a bathroom. So my "cousin" goes to the bathroom and starts brushing her teeth. I turn around, and who's there, but briananananana, who's my best friend, and her mother.

So Jules is just standing there, watching me, and her mom tells me that she's surprised to see me, and that the cruise is a week long thing.

Now here's where I start freaking out, because as far as I knew, it was like, a day thing, and we'd be back the following morning.

I haven't packed enough underwear, and I forgot to bring toothpaste, and I am FREAKING OUT!

Somehow, they manage to tell the captain that I have to get off, so he when he brings us out to the harbor, I somehow end up in a little rowboat with my backpack and a note from him explaining how I can get to safety.

This is soo not what I bargained for. I mean, where did my cousin go? She just left me! Also...scared shitless of deep water, and sharks.

So I read the note, and the captain tells me that in the middle of the harbor is this man made island where the water is pretty shallow.

So I make my way over there, and the island is this little cardboard triangle with the middle cut out, and there's a little mattress floating nearby.

For some reason, I actually ditch my rowboat and get onto the island, but my legs are in the water.

The captain's note continues to tell me that there are little fishes who live by the island, which is no bigger than three feet wide in any direction, and marked off by this little rope around it, and that there's also something that attacks the fishies.

I look down, and what do I see? It's like, this rat swimming after a fish. And even though it's a rat, I feel like it's a shark, and I'm terrified. Meanwhile my boat is drifting off, and I don't know what to do.

At this point, the phone rang, and I woke up.

So tell me, what does this all mean?
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