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Five in one night.

Like, two days ago, I woke up, and I remembered five dreams, but by the time I was fully awake, I could only remember two, and right now I only remember one, so here it is...

I was living in Japan as some sort of ruler or leader, and for some reason, Rupert Giles was my advisor, and I had like, one other friend that I was close with. Anyways, it was like, tradition that people would attempt to assasinate me, and I would only truly be a good leader if I could evade or kill them. Anyways, there were 88 of them (yeah, yeah, Kill Bill Vol. 1), and one by one they were sent after me. I managed to escape the first three, and it was hard, but I did it. And then the fourth time someone was sent to me, they captured my only friend, and then they killed Giles.

I knew that I had to save them, but I was so scared and confused because I'd recieved very little training and I couldn't read Japanese. Anyways, I'm in this apartment building and the fifth person is after me and I'm climbing through this building that has tons of beams and whatnot, and I'm hiding in the rafters, and all this crazy stuff happens and the fifth person and I end up outside in some harbor, and she's about to get me, and then I woke up.
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