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The other day I had this weird dream that I was down by like, 3rd Ave. at like 4 AM, and of course, it was pretty sketchy, so I hopped into the first car service I saw to get me out of there, and when I hopped in, there were two guys in the front seat, and a guy in the back that was doing something with paper. Anyways, I got kind of nervous because I didn't realize that there were going to be two extra guys in the car, but the guy next to me in the back was like, "hey, it's [insert my address here]!" And I was like..."what?" And he was like "I've driven you home four times." And the guy sitting in front of him turned around and was like, "me, too!" And then the driver was like, "sí, me, too." And I was like, "oh, wow," and calmed down somewhat, and that's all I remember.
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