Megwa Dubro (ohfiddlestix) wrote in weirdxdreams,
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Teh latest.

The other day I had a dream with Jenn S***** in it. I was in school, except not. It was set up kind of like an E, and it looked like 51z, but it was definetly SSHS, you know?

So I was walking up the stairs in the back, and I had a valentine in my hand, and I came up to lockers, and there were a bunch of people there, and Jenn and Jess G***** were standing there, leaning against their lockers talking to each other, and I just came up and stood in front of them, and I was like "here," and shoved a valentine into Jenn's hand, and then walked down the hall, and then I woke up.

That's it. =/
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